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Borrow Money

How to get a loan:

Getting a loan is very easy. Simply bring your item/s of value to Cash traders Glenroy along with satisfactory id, and our staff will valuate it and provide an instant cash loan based on Value of the item/s.

How to extend a loan:

All loans can be extended by paying the fee of 30% per month

Repayment of the loan:

Loans are finalised by repaying the loan principal along with the service fee. Upon doing so, the goods of value provided as security are returned.

Expired Loans:

If a loan expires, and is not extended by paying the service fee for that period, the products provided as security are offered for sale to recover the principal, service fees and associated selling costs.

1-2 days late no extra charge
3-4 days 50% of the new months interest
Anything over 4 days will occur a whole new interest,