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If you have goods you no longer need or want, instead of keeping them in the garage or in other valuable home storage space, sell them for cash!All items should be in good physical condition and perfect working order.

Honesty and integrity is a priority at Cash Traders. We need to see identification adding up to 100 points before we can buy your goods or loan to you and all goods we buy go through a routine police check.

We want to give you the fairest price we can. How we get there is to work out what price it will reasonably sell for in our store, then take away the percentage we need to make to stay in business to arrive at the price we can offer you.

This is how our buyers assess your goods.

Type Identification Source - Total must = 100 points Points
A: A Passport or
Drivers Licence or
A document issued by a statutory authority bearing a photograph or
Any other document on one of the prescribed categories bearing a photograph, including
Learners Permit (photo)
Licence issued under the Firearms Act (photo)
Tertiary Education Card (photo)
100 Pts

Type Identification Source One of B + C = 100 points Points
B: Full birth Certificate or Extract of Birth Certificate
Certificate of Australian Citizenship
Marriage Certificate
50 Pts
C: Cards issued by the Commonwealth Departments of Family and Community Services
Health and Ageing or Veterans Affairs including:
Pension Concession Card
Health Care Card
Senior Health Card
50 Pts