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Cash Traders Help Center

  • What do I need to sell items to CashTraders?
    Type Identification Source - Total must = 100 points Points A: A Passport or Drivers Licence or A document issued by a statutory authority bearing a photograph or Any other document on one of the prescribed categories bearing a photograph, including Learners Permit (photo) Licence issued under the Firearms Act (photo) Tertiary Education Card (photo) 100 Pts Type Identification Source One of B + C = 100 points Points B: Full birth Certificate or Extract of Birth Certificate Certificate of Australian Citizenship Marriage Certificate 50 Pts C: Cards issued by the Commonwealth Departments of Family and Community Services Health and Ageing or Veterans Affairs including: Pension Concession Card Health Care Card Senior Health Card
  • How do I get a loan ?
    Getting a loan is very easy. Simply bring your item/s of value to Cash traders Glenroy along with satisfactory id, and our staff will valuate it and provide an instant cash loan based on the value of the item/s.
  • How do I extend a loan ?
    All loans can be extended by paying the fee of 30% per month
  • What if My Loan Expires ?
    If a loan expires, and is not extended by paying the service fee for that period, the products provided as security are offered for sale to recover the principal, service fees and associated selling costs. 1-2 days late no extra charge 3-4 days 50% of the new months interest Anything over 4 days will occur a whole new interest fee
  • Does Cash Traders offer a Layby Service?
    Yes we do. This can be arranged with a minumum 20% deposit of the purchase price.
  • Do we do Cash Cheques and Pay Day Advances ?
    Sorry, Cash Traders no longer provides this service unfortunately.
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