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Loans are available on your quality goods of value. The process is simple, just bring in your item/s of value into our friendly store with the sufficient 100 points of ID required by Victorian law and our staff will evaluate the goods and provide an instant cash loan based on its current value and demand. Loans are charged at 30% a month.

Loan Repayments

Loans are finalised by repaying the total amount borrowed plus the interest. Once this has been completed, the good/s of value that have been loaned against are returned to you the customer. For example $100 loan will cost the customer a total of $130 to collect their goods. (Principle = $100 + Interest = $30 at 30%)

Extending Your Loan

All loans can be extended by paying the interest within the nominated time the goods have been loaned for. For example $100 loan for 1 month will cost you $30 to extend the loan for an additional month (Based on 30% interest)
online payments are available at My Pawn by CLICKING HERE

Expired Loans

If a loan expires and has not been extended by paying the interest for the month, the goods you have provided as collateral will be offered for sale in order to recover the amount loaned including the interest and other fees involved.

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